Needles and thread: From old jeans to shorts in 5 steps

The short denim shorts are a timeless fashion piece that is sovereignly dominated by the summer dresser and this season. If you want to complement your current collection with a new model, you do not have to resort to a new expense. Everyone in the closet has at least one old jeans that we do not wear anymore and which can be done in a few moves by scissors as a trendy part of the summer closet

You wanna be shorts of denim shorts? Make them yourself of the old model you no longer want to wear, and look in the photo gallery to inspire them to complete them in the daily style.
To create a new skirt model, follow these steps:

Dress your jeans to evaluate how they stand and where to cut them off.

Mark the desired cutting length with a chemical pen or flask.

Remove the jeans, pull the horizontal lines at the designated cutting point.

With sharp scissors, cut off the leg on the marked part.

Even if your arm was reluctant to cut (and the edges of the pants were uneven) – the pants of the pants can be turned to your liking.