I’m your tailor: from the old, tattered jeans to the shorts

How many times have you met a paradoxical situation that shorts are more expensive than long ones? I always. And it was not clear to me either. How much less material can be more expensive than more? I believe that you have repeatedly guessed (though through joke) to buy long pants and make short ones. It’s economical. First you have a little long then short, 2u1.

Just a week ago, I had a general storage of closets, because it needed all the summer clothes to get out and prepare, save time and save the surplus or relocate to another place. It turned out to have a dozen jeans that I no longer wear, nor plan to wear, and I did not know what to do with them, because I moved them from place to place each time and there was more to it. Since most of them are still in the bearing condition, I was sorry to throw them, so I came up with an idea to overwhelm them. I have a few ideas of how and how, and the first of them was the simplest. Make long pants to make shorts. Not to be clean to wear shorts of long ones, I took one, which was poked between my legs.

Such a problem is usually women and girls whose thighs are touching, and because of the friction of walking, the material becomes slim and flapping in that part. I do not think I have to explain it specifically. Fortunately, I do not have such problems, but as soon as I saw these jeans, I remembered the idea of ​​bringing them back to life. Keep in mind that I was looking for the easiest possible way because I’m not a good tailor (I do not know how to do it) or I have fingers, but the most important thing is to have little will and creativity and I have a lot to do. Yet it is summer.

I will give you, in detail, every step of the way (with the accompanying images) so you can see how I realized it. Of course, you can add or subtract something or adapt to yourself, but I say, the simplest of this is not going.

All you need is jeans, needles, thread, scissors and chemical.

Step 1
Turn the pants upside down (the inner side of the pants looks out).

Step 2
Draw two straight lines. The higher line marks us as long as the jeans are worn out (looking from the stuck of the snout), and the lower one serves to make our way. It must be at least the same length as the “extension” of the trousers to more than one line. You will see the picture below and become clearer.

Step 3
Cut the trousers along the lower line. And here are some short pants.

Step 4
Climb your leg twice. You decide how much you want the shorts to be short, but keep in mind that you need to finish them (high enough) so that you can not see the undergarment. And that is the hardest part of the whole procedure, because it is quite difficult (at least I have) to determine how much my legs need to be worn, without getting my pants, and not short, unladen (between legs) pants.

Step 5
When you determine the length of the skirt, it is left to show your skill with the needle and thread. I finished the pieces in two places only with the rest of the pants (in the picture you will see where exactly) and it turned out quite well. I did not want to talk about it anymore, because it would have been, and this way, if I just add the line of pants to the other end of the line.

And that’s it. You have new shorts, ie I have it, and you will have it if you are trying to do this.

The problem of the undergarment of the inner part of the pants was successfully resolved, the jeans were given a new dress, and the super, unique hats for this summer and the next and the next …

And I really say that only the will, the creativity and the spare time are needed.