Here’s how to turn old jeans into a hit model

Old jeans can be used in many ways because this season as never before are in the trend are unburied ends and thanks to that you literally only need good scissors to give them a new, more modern look
Mark the patches

The place for the new detail should be marked while the jeans are on you and ask the help of a housewife or friend. And the smartest thing is to buy patches that are plucked with the help of the iron, unless they are cut off from the old material, but that means you’re skilled and sewing is certainly not a problem.

Uneven edges

At each street fashion you have seen at least one piece of jeans that have not been dropped and they are more conical or have uneven tax edges. This is really easy to do, only the question is whether the cuts will be noticeable or you will cut it just to be uneven. What’s important is that your jaw is the same on each trouser, so give yourself time and build up the part you’re planning to cut.

Endless jeans with no edges

Thanks to the edges that are not classically worn jeans, they have become an ideal project that we can entertain at home and get a new pair of pants. Clothed jeans and ten centimeters are back in, and you’ll be very easy to make. After you cut off a classic jumble, wrap your pants to the length you like and that’s actually all. After you cut off the muzzle, give yourself a little effort and pull your fingers together to get this effect undamaged. It is easy for the part of the curve to lower and become uneven while moving, so the ends on each side of the seam can be secured with a small pin or mini safety pin.

Jeans with a rasp

The old jeans that are soothed with boot-like straight-legged wings that extend to the bottom are ideal for splitting on the outside, inspired by J Brand, for which Jessica Alba’s design ideas will be designed. So, set the length on the outside of each leg, best about 20 inches. You have two options. One is to cut off the entire lower edge of the crease as well as the slit on each side and the other to leave the bottom edge. Maybe it’s wise to first make slits from side so you see if you like the option with the bottom edge or you’ll cut it off.