Create own unique denim shorts

Hot and short leggings are a hit this season and a perfect way to show your beautiful legs. Instead of spending money unnecessarily for hours, try out different models at stores, awaken your creativity and make your own hats in just 3 simple steps:

1. Choose the old jeans that you no longer wear and turn them on the inside. Use a pencil to make a border and then detach the jeans to the length you want. You can make super shorts or a little longer, and then turn them over to the desired length. Of course, choose the traps that are great on your butt.

2. Operate the hoods in the washing machine to get rid of the towels as best as possible. If you want to dispose of them in some other place, do so before washing, every next wash will additionally pull out the edges from the edges.

3. Decorate your shorts with rivets, denim colors, decorative ribbons, patches, or badges. Pull out the colorful pockets under your skirts, put on your fabric or decorate them with an interesting belt. The choice is great, let the imagination to do yours.